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New Run – Pekka Hyysalo

Making the documentary is very important for Rovaniemi-based company Flatlight Creative House, and especially for director Miikka Niemi. Miikka was shooting a freestyle skiing film when Pekka’s accident happened right in front of his eyes. This ended both the shooting of the film and Pekka’s successful freestyle skiing career. Miikka says, “It’s really important to tell Pekka’s story. His positive attitude and determination will encourage everybody to push their personal limits.”

Five years ago, 20-year-old Pekka wanted to become the best freestyle skier in the world. His life and future plans were all about freestyle skiing. The story of this young man’s recovery from a brain injury inspired not just the freestyle skiing community, but others, too. In this documentary we want to show the last five years of Pekka’s remarkable turnaround, and talk about his future. We want people to see a side of Pekka’s story that they haven’t yet seen in the media. We have already shot a lot of material for New Run, but there are still many scenes to be filmed.

We would like you to join us on this journey, and help to make this documentary a reality. With the campaign at Mesenaatti, we will fund the screenwriting process, development, and post production of the documentary. Our plan is to make this film internationally renowned and an inspiration for all, and tell Pekka’s story from a different point-of-view.

By joining the crowdfunding campaign and spreading the word you will help us on our journey!

We warmly thank everyone for joining our campaign!

Flatlight Creative House crew