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Moving Mountain School Bag

Moving Mountain School Bag is an initiative of Rewati Gurung – a local student of development studies and her project aims to provide school children from the age of 4 to 12 with a basic school bag, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, notebooks – called ‘copy’ in Nepal – a whistle for emergencies and a pair of sandals as children often come to school with nothing on their feet.
While the rest of Nepal and her International support partners and aid workers are concentrating on Food Relief, Shelter, Health and Safety, we felt that the parents of children who had lost everything would find it hard to justify the purchasing of school materials before their basic needs of food and shelter had been met.
We strongly believe that education is the building blocks of the future of Nepal, and that by providing school bags immediately after this catastrophe school children are reminded that their education is the best way to move mountains. Please visit our website at and see what we have achieved so far.
When you buy bags here, Moving Mountain School Bag rewards you by including your name on the Supporters page of our website. Rewati Gurung arranges the delivery of the donations and personally visits each school. These are situated in remote areas that are very difficult to get to and her team often have to walk the last few hours with porters to reach the villages.
Through this crowd funding platform Moving Mountain School Bag hopes to raise enough donations to provide thousands of these children with the basic tools for learning. We need your help to achieve our goal. Every Bag Helps!