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How to Sit Less at Work

Sitting all the time is bad for your health. It increases the risk of overweight, diabetes and cancer. That is why there are many gadgets on the market to make you sit less. We don’t know which are good and which are not. We at Cochrane Work at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health try to find out what really helps.

We have a team of five volunteers who locate all evidence for or against the effectiveness of measures to reduce sitting. At the moment, it is still very uncertain what works and what does not (see: We know that there are many recent studies that we should include. This requires a lot of hard work and stamina.

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We estimate that incorporating the new studies takes 144 person hours. We have no funding for this but we would like to reward the team that will do all this. We need 2500 euros to provide them with a small fee. You can help by ordering the newsletter, participating in the webinar or paying a visit to our office in Kuopio. This will help to keep the team motivated because they know that there is a crowd out there who cares. This will result in an up-to-date report of what we know of how-to-sit-less-at-work in January next year.

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