How do I set up the transaction account

Get ready to provide information and documents for money transfer, in the case your campaign will be successful. Send all this to us when the minimum goal has been reached.

Payment services are provided by our partner Lemon Way. We open an account in Lemon Way for each campaign, where the campaign funding goes during the campaign. After a successful campaign, funding is transferred to the bank account designated by the campaign maker, minus the commission of, as well as transaction costs.

Campaign can be done by either an individual or an organization. Starting from 1 February 2018, the transaction accounts we set up are subject to tighter European rules than before. For campaign sums below 15 000 euros, personal data and organizational information, and a certificate from a bank account (such as bank statement) are required.  For campaign sums over 15 000 euros, we need copies of several official documents related to the person and organization.

If the campaign is made for an organization, a private person can be given a mandate to represent the organization, which significantly decreases the amount of documents needed. However, the bank account where the funds are transferred bust be also in this persons name.

Deliver the information and documents by email to at the end of the campaign.

Requirements for campaigns below € 15,000

Campaign accounts in the name of private persons

  • birth date
  • nationality
  • Country of birth
  • Country of residence
  • telephone number
  • bank account in the name of the same person: IBAN, BIC, bank name
  • Bank statement or other proof that the IBAN is for the same person as the campaign account. This needs to be an official loooking document with the bank logo, IBAN and account holders name.

Campaigns that are in the organization’s name

  • all above information about one person who is representing the organization (except bank account details)
  • name of the organization
  • the organization’s website
  • description of the organization
  • a bank account for the same organization: IBAN, BIC, bank name
  • an account statement or other proof that the IBAN is for the same organization as the campaign account. This needs to be an official loooking document with the bank logo, IBAN and account holders name.

Requirements for campaigns over 15,000 euros

Campaign accounts in the names of private persons 

  • all above information from the person
  • photo of a valid identity document (passport with the whole page spread, identity card with both sides; no driving license)
  •  EITHER another photo of a valid identity document (passport or identity card) OR a proof of address, which can be a contract invoice, such as a rental bill, electricity bill, water bill, or a telephone bill, or a population register document

Campaign accounts of companies

  • all above personal  information and identity document from company representative
  • identity document from each shareholder holding at least 25% of the ownership of the company
  • trade register document extracted within 3 months
  • articles of incorporation incorporated within 3 months
  • certificate of shareholding, unless included in the articles of incorporation
  • bank account in the name of the same company: IBAN, BIC, bank name
  • an account statement or other proof of account holding. This needs to be an official loooking document with the bank logo, IBAN and account holders name.

Campaigns accounts of associations

  • all personal information and identity card of a person representing the association
  • minutes of the last association meeting
  • an association register extract
  • bank account in the name of the same association: IBAN, BIC, bank name
  • an account statement of the above account or other proof that the IBAN belongs to that association. This needs to be an official loooking document with the bank logo, IBAN and account holders name.

Campaign accounts of foundations

  • all above information and identification document of the person handling the campaign
  • Statutes of the Foundation signed
  • Foundation register document
  • Official document attesting that the identified person is authorized to open the campaign and manage the payment account

If the party whose name the account is opened is not registered in Finland, the Eta, or the EFTA country, a so-called double indetification is required. Please contact

Documents should be sent to us by email to

Create your campaign page

Take your time

It takes easily 1-2 weeks to make a nice project page, although some campaign makers needed only a day. When you are ready, send it to us to check. This might take up to five working days.

Your presentation does not need to be pro

it is enough that you can make your point clearly enough – and just be You: open, nice, honest. It never hurts to add a pinch of humour in as well.

Be brief

Often presentations are too complicated, as people know so much about the project. It is hard to cut off all those nice extra dimensions, but usually it is worth the pain. Here are some ideas you might want to keep in mind.

Keep it simple

This does not mean stupid, or short. Think about ONE point that is most important in your project – and cut the others, or put them in the end of you text.  Find the core.


This is the showstopper that forces people to take a look at your project. But it needs to be something about the project, not just a gimmick that has no other meaning than itself. How can you express your point in some surprising clever illustrative interesting way?


Can you tell about your project with something concrete, like facts and images, rather than with abstract descriptions?


Make people believe in you and your project. Make them understand that it is important, beautiful or unique.

Use emotions

Make them weep, get exited, angry, laugh… you know. Touch them.

Tell a story

Stories seem to stick to people. If there is a story to your project, you might want to use it, or see if you can form your presentation into a story form.

Add a video

Make a video presentation of your project. Upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and add the link in the Mesenaatti campaign form. Video should be HD quality. Use the word in the name, so that it can be found in search.

Video is not mandatory. You can also put place a photo, picture or logo in its. However, video makes your campaign more interesting and personal. It also shows that you are making an effort.

The video does not have to be a professional. It is enough when you are yourself and tell your message clearly. You probably want to tell the following in the video:

Who you are and what your project is all about

  • Why your project is unique
  • How much funding you need and how it will be used
  • What kind of cool rewards you offer
  • Ask people to tell about your campaign in their social networks
  • Thank the audience

At its simplest, the video can be shot even with your mobile phone. However, if you need help with the production of the video, you can ask for guidance of professionals, or open up a discussion in Mesenaatti campaign makers Facebook group (in the Info). Remember to respect intellectual property rights. Do not include in your video images or music, which you do not have access to. Here are a few services where you can find sounds and music: SoundCloud, Vimeo Music Store, Free Music Archive, ccMixter.

Write a good campaign presentation

Finnish and English works both in Finnish and English, and you can write your campaign presentation in both languages. You can change the language from the top of platform. When you have clicked English, everything you do to your campaign page, including the rewards, goes to the English side; and vice versa with Finnish. Other languages you can just add in a suitable place within the English and Finnish texts. We will soon also provide a Swedish version of the service.

Title or name of the campaign

Give your campaign a short and catchy title. The title can have a maximum of 75 characters.


Write a caption, which can be up to 250 characters.

Ingress should make it clear what your campaign is about. What you are doing and why.

Presentation text

Write a body text. The text can be any length. However, brevity is a virtue. You should clearly tell what the project is all about, why you want to implement it, how much funding you need and how funding will be spent.

Project card

Project card image

Status card

Info card

This is a the light gray card on you campaign page, and it is meant to present the campaigns authors with a small image, a brief text, as well as their social median and website links.